Protocol for Fall and Winter Sessions

1) When you arrive at the studio, please remain in your car until your dancers Teacher comes out the main door to walk your student to class. Masks must be worn in and around our studio but once you are in the class room masks are optional. We have reached out to other dance studios in our area, evaluated the governors mandate in relationship to gyms and we all came to the same conclusion: once the student is in the classroom, they do have the option to remove the mask during class. 


2) We ask all students to come in their dance clothes and remain in those dance clothes for the duration of their time at the studio. Our dressing rooms will be closed and the bathroom is reserved for bathroom use only, NOT changing clothes. 


3) If you need to purchase clothing or shoes, please call the office ahead of time, so we can prepare the items you need to purchase. 


4) Parents must remain outside our facility while their student is in class. There will be a staff member at the front door to greet your student and escort them to their appropriate class. Classes will be ending 5 minutes early, allowing a 10 minute passing period for teachers to escort their dancers outside the building or to their next class. This also gives our teachers ample time to sanitize their rooms and get it ready for the next class. The exit door will be our side door that leads into the community center courtyard. Parents or guardians please be waiting there to meet your child, this will be the parent pick up spot.


5) We have removed all seating inside our lobby, as we can't have anyone lingering in our building. We realize this isn't ideal, but it's for everyone's safety as we refrain from unneeded gatherings.  


6) We ask all students to wear appropriate dance shoes to class, bare feet are not allowed at this time. If your student has multiple classes in the day, please supply them with a bag they can take into their class room and carry between classes. We ask there be no other bags and excess clothing accompanying your dancer. Shoes only please!


7) There will be a release waiver that will need to accompany the dancer when coming to the studio for the first class and that will be emailed to you when you register. This release will simply state that you are sending your children to class without any symptoms of the virus and they will abide by all the rules and regulations implemented to protect all the students. 


Please be patient as we navigate through all the new protocols to open our dance studio. We know there will be more information to share with you so please stand by and if you wish to see the full release form we would be happy to email it to you.


Thank You,

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