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Tay Pitts 


Tay R. Pitts, originally from Whidbey Island, has grown up dancing their whole life. They started at age 2, and they never stopped since. Pitts has been apart of competitive dance for 9 years, and was on a pre-professional company for 4 years. Also within the world of dance, Pitts has found a love for teaching which they have done for 5 years at Island Dance and Gymnastics, and choreographing. They have always had a love for the arts at a very young age, favourite styles of movement being lyrical, contemporary, and modern. As Pitts moves even further into their dance career, they hope to become more integrated into the Seattle dance community, and apart of a professional contemporary company. Outside of dancing, Pitts has a deep love and connection to their yoga practise, which they use to fuel certain aspects of their dancing.

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