Studio Rules

  • Dancers must follow the dress code

  • Dirty street shoes will not be allowed

  • No gum or eating in the studio

  • Store all bags, shoes, jackets, etc. in the cubbies in the dressing room

  • No gymnastics or horseplay in the lobby 

  • Please use respectful language, and use positive conversations

  • Please do not leave younger children unattended 

  • All food/drink must be kept in the waiting area

  • Students are expected to treat all staff and fellow dancers with respect and kindness

  • Please pick up after yourself, throwing away all garbage 



  • Registration fee Sept-June: 1st dancer $25.00 and each additional student in the family $20.00. Summer Registration $15.00 each student. 

  • Unlimited tuition is available at the time of registration only for students taking 10 or more hours per week ($450 per month)

  • Tuition is due by the 1st of each month

  • After the 10th day a late fee of $20 will be applied to your account

  • All NSF checks will result in a $30 fee 

  • Tuition can be paid by cash, checkcredit card (fee assessed) or Zelle 

  • Please note that our season is Sept-June 

  • Most months have four lessons, while some have three or five, but tuition is monthly

  • Tuition is charged by the month for the weeks that we are in session

Tuition based on family hourly per week (w/gradual discount)

   1     hour       $18.00

   1.5  hours      $25.50

   2     hours      $33.75

   2.5  hours      $40.75

   3     hours      $47.75

   3.5  hours      $54.75

   4     hours      $61.75

   4.5  hours      $68.75

   5     hours      $75.75


*Please call the office to find out about our Monthly Unlimited Fee. Our unlimited rate for dancers level 5+, taking 10+ hours a week is $450 per month Sept-May and June being $200.

We follow the South Whidbey School Calendar (closed major holidays only).

Missed Lessons Due to Illness or Other

  • No refunds for missed classes

  • Do not adjust payments for missed classes

  • Adjusting payments will result in a $20 fee

  • Extended absences need to be discussed

  • Contact us if you know you will miss a class 

  • Make up cards will be given and must be used within a month's time

  • Regular attendance is a must to get the most out of your classes!

Change Requests/Adding or Dropping Classes

  • Please contact the office

Cancelled Classes due to "Act of God" (snow, wind, power outages)

  • Policy is not to refund

  • Students may make-up classes 

  • For students who cannot make-up classes such as WIDT (Whidbey Island Dance Theatre) students who have no make-ups or time to make-up, a partial credit may be applied.

Dressing Area (Refer to COVID polices at this time)

  • Lobby is open during operating hours

  • Family/friends may observe class on the live feed TV monitor

  • If viewing becomes a distraction, people will be asked to leave

  • We ask observers/dancers to store all items in lockers in the lobby

  • Please keep conversations appropriate and positive 

Recital Costumes

  • We order our recital costumes from catalogs

  • Fees will be applied to your account

  • Estimated cost is $55-$75 per dancer's performing classes

  • All students are required to purchase a costume to participate in the spring recital

  • Once ordered there are no refunds or cancellations 

Class Pictures (TBD)

  • June 5th at Island Dance Studio

Rehearsal (TBD)

  • June 7th at SWHS and photos, a schedule will be posted

Recital (TBD)

  • June 13th at SWHS

  • Schedule will be posted on bulletin board