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Renting Space at Island Dance 

We have 6 beautiful rooms available to rent year round! Whether you need a space to hold a meeting, private/group class, or have a child's birthday party in need of a fun location. We have the space for you!

  • All rooms have independent cool air exchange and heat

  • Most rooms have crystal springs water dispensers 

  • Renting space, allows you access to clean bathrooms and changing rooms. 

  • Non-Profit rental rate available (email" for more info.

  • All rooms come with use of the equipment available in the room


Ready to book your tour with us and see if our space is right for you? 


Our prize studio 2, that can hold up to 50 adults. Offers a side door for fresh open air and has many equipment options available (yoga balls, pilates balls, therabands and yoga blocks).


Studio 3, is a bright studio, located in the front of the building. Has mirrors on two walls, along with a white board and chalk board, perfect for group meetings.  Chairs are available upon request also!


Studio 1, is located downstairs and is the ideal space for a Childs birthday party. Close to the bathrooms and changing rooms. Endless amount of props available to use and play with!


Our apparatus room, is ideal for a renter looking for and has experience with this equipment. 


Studio 4, is a nice bright space with mirrors on two walls, spare bars and even a private dressing room located behind a mirror door.

Our spring floor room, is just that. The entire space is a lifted spring floor ideal for movement needing a softer landing space. There are addition mats available to use as well.

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