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Level Descriptions 

Ballet 1 - 1 class per week. Dancers are introduced to basic positions, steps, and rhythm  

Ballet 2A - 1class per week. Dancers begin tying steps together and learn proper posture and basics of technique 

Ballet 2B - 2 classes per week. Dancers build on what they learned in level 2A and are introduced to more complex steps and vocabulary 

Ballet 3 - 3 classes per week. Dancers learn intermediate steps and technique  

Ballet 4 - 4 classes per week. Dancers develop further strength and flexibility - advanced steps are introduced 

Level 5  - 5 classes per week. Dancers master technique and string advanced steps into more complex combinations 

Level 6  - 5 classes per week. Dancers develop pre-professional technique, strength, and vocabulary 

Level 7  - 5 classes per week. Dancers reach pre-professional level  

Level 8  - 5 classes per week. Dancers are prepared for professional auditions and programs


  • Ages 10+

  • The beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision, and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

  • Acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.



  • Gymnastics is a practice of acrobatic moves that are carried out on a variety or specialized equipment, such as a balance beam. Requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. 

  • Not only learning new skills, but also the confidence to go along with it. 

Mommy and Me Tumbling

  • Mommy and Me class for children up to 3 years old — that mixes music, movement, preschool gymnastics and parachute activities. Children become more aware of their innate sense of rhythm, and the joy of movement, as well as increasing their sense of balance, coordination and strength.

Gymnastics Beginning 

  • Ages 6-10

Gymnastics Intermediate 

  • Ages 7+


  • Tumbling, also known a floor gymnastics, is a form of gymnastics that is performed without any specialized equipment  Tumbling is seen is gymnastics, in elements such as floor routines, using backflips, handsprings, summersaults and tucks. 

  • Ages 3-5


  • Ages 8+

  • A style that combines ballet and jazz dancing techniques.

  • It is performed to music with lyrics so that it inspires expression of strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics of the song.

  • This style concentrates on an individual approach and expressiveness of such emotions as love, joy, hurt, or anger. 

  • It does not concentrate on the dancer’s precision of movement.


  • Ages 3-4

  • Creative dance for ages 3 and 4, dancers will feel the freedom of movement with fun music, props, storytelling and costumes all the while being gently directed by an experienced teacher in this Wonderful 55 minute children’s class and no shoes necessary.


  • Ages 6-9

  • Creative dance open level for ages 6-9. In this class students will open up the question "what types of movement makes me happy". Students will develop hand-eye coordination, body alignment, awareness, turns, jumps, inversions and rhythm with and without music. This class is a foundation of movement flowing through the body that will assist students throughout their life, whatever direction passions take them as they grow.

Creative Ballet/ Rhythm Tap

  • Lays the foundation for young dancers to learn how to move and control their bodies, take instructions, and memorize various combinations.  

  • This is done by teaching young dancers the basics of ballet and tap through fun and creative teaching techniques. 

  • Teachers focus on fostering a love of dance and the technique behind it. A combination of both tap, ballet and creative dance tailored for their age in a fun 55minute class, perfect way for a child to be introduced to dance. 

  • Memorize various combinations for rhythm and creative movement


  • Ages 4-6

  • The class will consist of exploring base movements of Ballet and Ballroom dancing, musicality, stretching, class etiquette and introducing the world of dance to the kids in a loving and fun environment. Students will perform a Ballroom piece in recital.

Ballroom 1

  • Ages 5-7

  • The class will start with a warm-up exercise and stretches that help strengthen young students. They study several figures in various Ballroom dance styles during a class and combine them together in small routines. Students will perform a Latin Ballroom piece in recital. Students who want to participate in the recital will practice more and perform the choreography from classes.

Modern Dance

  • Modern dance is a movement technique that began its formation in the early 1900. It began as a break away from traditional ballet technique and has grown ever since. The traditional style of Modern dance plays with the relationship between rhythm and weight allowing movement to be propelled through space using momentum. In our Modern classes we will be exploring techniques developed by Jose Limon, Lester Horton, Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham


  • Ages 9+



  • By permission


Contemporary Advanced

  • By permission 

Open Beginning Tap

  • Ages Teen thru Adult. Thursday evening 5:30-6:30pm. 

  • No Experience necessary.

  • Enjoy the fun of learning tap rhythms, combinations and contemporary and broadway styles. 

  • Tap shoes required.  

Tap/Jazz - Beginning/Intermediate 

  • Ages 9-12 or by permission.

  • Dancers are encouraged to take the complete class.

  • The perfect combination for either young tap or jazz dancers as they move up in levels.

Tap Intermediate

  • Ages 12+ or by permission.

Luigi Jazz

  • All ages, all body types, all types, all levels of dance experience.

  • Each class includes warm-up and technique exercises.

  • It concludes with a fun piece of Jazz choreography.


Tap Intermediate/Advanced Adult 

  • For adults who have experience in tap as they learn how to move at a high, medium, or low impact level so they can enjoy their passion at any age.

  • By permission  



We had the pleasure of having Diane Lauridsen, the Director of South Bay Ballet, mentor our ballet program in 2019. We continue to utilize her expertise of anatomically correct technique and exercises that maximize the individual potential of each dancer.

Ballet 1

  • Begins to focus on the details of basic ballet technique and etiquette. 

  • It is here where dancers begin to understand the concept that certain muscles are needing to be used while dancing.

  • They are introduced to the barre and learn how to properly use it in order to further their ballet training.

  • Students are challenged to memorize detailed combinations and perform basic steps with proper technique. 

  • Repetition is key in this class. 

  • Teachers are sure to incorporate teaching techniques that allow the students to understand these basic and fundamental concepts of ballet in fun and entertaining ways. 

  • Time is often made at the end of class to allow students to ‘let loose’ and find their inner dancer through ‘freeze dance.’ 

Ballet 2A

  • Ages 7+

Ballet 2B

  • Ages 7+

Ballet 3

  • Ages 9+


Ballet 4/Pre-Pointe

  • Students have often progressed far enough in their technique training to start their journey into the world of pointe. Pre-pointe classes focus on strengthening and conditioning dancer’s body in order to prepare for the strenuous world of pointe. Feet/ankle strength and flexibility are often the prime focus in this class, however, the upper body is also a critical part to properly preform pointe work. Teachers try to provide each student with different exercises, techniques and tips in order to help the individual dancer progress to the next level of pointe training. Repetition of these exercise are imperative in learning how to dance on pointe. As dancers progress, the focus turns from the barre to centre. It is here where dancers must incorporate the skills they learned at the barre to work in centre. Pointe work is challenging and dancers often progress at different paces. 


Ballet 5-8

Open Ballet

  • For ages Teen thru Adult. Tuesday evening 6-7:00pm. Great class for students wanting to come back to ballet or trying It for the first time. No mandatory dance wear. 


  • Technique Level V-VIII

  • Advanced classical pointe work with focus on building strength and pre-professional level technique

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is all about groove, rhythm, and varied texture of movement. You don't need fantastic flexibility or perfect technique. Just come have fun! (And don't forget to bring some clean sneakers.)

Hip Hop Beginning

  • Ages 6+

Hip Hop Beginning/Intermediate 

  • Ages 10+

Hip Hop Intermediate/Advanced

  • Ages 10-Adult

Daunne’s Easy Stretch/Easy Dance

  • This 60-minute class will include an easy, body-friendly warm up, followed by a variety of stretching exercises that can be done standing or seated.  

  • The class will conclude with a couple of easy to learn dance combinations from Zumba and/or Line Dancing.

KUDAYO deep stretch with martial movement


  • This class will expand a dancer’s movement vocabulary, though stretch and martial arts. Open to students 12- adults. ​

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