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Pon Nuth

Ponorak Nuth also known as Pon is a dancer/choreographer in the Seattle dance community. He started off learning both breaking and choreography at the age of 12 from his sister's friends and a group called Kontagious to then trained under a bboy named Macllin Heaward "Macco" throughout high school. Fast forward to now he's trained with Terrence & Tenoa Spencer through NTK (formerly PGBoys) and has a few accomplishments under his belt including dancing for the Seahawks, booking music videos, choreographing for local artists and more. Currently he is the director of RTHMZ and assistant coach of Lynnwood High school. Pon aims to continuously grow as a leader and dancer in order to give back and share his knowledge of dance to all of his students and the Seattle dance community

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