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Megan Moore


Megan Margaret Moore is a Choreographer, Dancer, Artist, and Entrepreneur based

in the Pacific Northwest. Megan began her Dance training at Huntington Academy of

Dance in Huntington Beach, CA at age 3. There, she studied the Cecchetti Method

under Marnell Himes-Ushijima until age 15, when she began attending Huntington

Beach High School's magnet arts program, APA. With APA, Megan traveled

throughout Southern California for numerous festivals, New York City for the YAGP

Group Contemporary Finals, and Prague for the New Prague Dance Festival. Megan

graduated APA having won awards such as Best Repertory Ensemble Dancer,

Rising Star in Choreography, and Dancer of the Year. In 2015, Megan began

studying dance at Cornish College of the Arts where she created multiple original

works, and had the opportunity to perform for choreographers such as for Gerard

Theoret, Alia Swersky & Babette DeLafayette Pendleton, Laura Ann Smyth, Bruce

McCormick, Sam Picart, Wade Madsen, Bruno Roque, and Deborah Wolf. In 2018,

Megan had the honor of working alongside Wade Madsen, as she was the rehearsal

director and Filmmaker for his piece, “Faeries.” Since graduating, Megan has

presented original work for Chlo & Co Dance Company’s Drove VII, and was the

Choreographer for Whidbey Island Center of the Arts production of The

Photographer. Megan is passionate about learning new forms, and incorporating

theater and comedy into her work. Currently, Megan is choreographing freelance,

and is creating SALTSHAKE, a virtual art studio based in healing through creative


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