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Joshua Grant 

Joshua-Crouch Headshot_edited.jpg

Having trained with coaches from the Royal Ballet of London, Lines Ballet School, the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance and others over a 20 year career as performer, Joshua Crouch utilizes deep explorations of personal autonomy and emotional queueing to delve into dance as a language for social and personal change while maintaining a rigorous approach to mastery and discipline. With his unique, vibrant, nurturing, and playful approach to teaching, Joshua helps his students discover the power of dance to not only improve their artistic scope and physical health but also their emotional and mental wellbeing. Founder and Director of The Symposium on Graham Technique (2016-2019) and former principal of The School of Spectrum Dance Theater for several years, Joshua has also lectured for the Dance Educators Association of Washington on joy as a radical form of healing through movement and taught for Cornish College of the Arts as a substitute educator.

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